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Planned Breedings

Pig breeding basics:  A female is called a sow, the male is referred to as a boar.  Sows come into heat once a month, but they do not bleed like a dog. Gestation period (the length of time the sow is pregnant) is 113 days.  That is close to four months!    A sow giving birth is called farrowing.  Piglets are born and able to get up and walk around immediately. 

The following is our tentative breeding plan for 2017 and will be updated whenever we make adjustments or have more details to add.

Miele x Gunther   Our final Miele x Gunther breeding before Gunther goes to his new home in Wisconsin.  Miele was bred on June 17th, so if that breeding results in a pregnancy, piglets would be due October 8th.  We’ll leave Miele and Gunther together for another month just in case she doesn’t take the first time. 

Lucy x Danny  These two have been together since June 17, 2017, so hoping for an October litter.


Rosebud x Dyson ​We plan to breed Rosebud late in 2017 (probably in November) so that she’s having her first litter as a two year old.  This will also be Dyson’s first attempt at breeding. 

Roomba x Dyson Looking far ahead to late 2017 or early 2018, we will also be pairing Roomba with Dyson for her first litter.