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Miele's Litter 10.12.14

Date of Birth:  10.12.17
Ready to Go Date:  Six to eight weeks of age, 11.23.17 at the earliest.
Number of Piglets: Six.  Three males and three females
Sire: Gunther- 14.5″ tall
Dam:  Miele- 14″ tall
Availability:  All piglets in this litter are reserved.  One male available from Tootsie’s litter​
Pedigree:  See photo below 
Price:   Males: $1,000 as a pet with limited registration, or $1,500 for breeding with full registration.  Females: $1,500, regardless of purchasing as a pet or for breeding purposes.  All girls offered with full registration only, no pet discount on females in this litter.  

Scroll to bottom of page for individual piglet photos. 

Our very last pairing of our all time favorite pigs!  Gunther was sold to a breeding program in Wisconsin and left to go to his new home a couple months ago.  Since we are getting out of breeding pigs entirely, Miele will be retiring.  This is truly the last litter of Miele x Gunther babies that will be available. These two have produced some awesome pigs for us, so don’t miss out on your final opportunity to get one.   Luckily Miele, who tends to produce smaller litters, usually about 3 piglets, blessed us with six gorgeous babies for her final round of motherhood. Pricing for the females in this litter is full registration only- $1,500.  This is a pairing of our two best producers, so at this time, we are only offering the girls with full registration.  Of course, new owners are still welcome to spay their piglets, but we are not offering the discounted ‘pet price’. Males are standard price of $1,500 with full registration and breeding rights, or $1,000 pet price and limited registration.  Deposit is the usual $250.   Piglets will be ready to go at 6-8 weeks of age, end of November or early December.  Earliest pickup date is November 23, 2017.   Typically piglets are weaned and ready to go to their new homes at six weeks old, but occasionally some are slow to switch to solid food and need another week or two with their mom. For a nominal fee of $50, we can hold your piglet until Christmas for families wishing to surprise kids, or until just after Christmas for those wanting to wait until after the holiday chaos to bring home the new baby.  Obviously the whole family needs to be on board and 100% committed to adding a pig to the family, as having a pig is a lot of responsibility and a 14-18 year commitment that will ultimately fall on the adults.  Piglets must be paid for in full to hold past standard pick up time. Pick order for Miele’s litter as of 10/24/17:1) Sarah- Saffron​2) Nick- Chives3) Sharon- Dill4) Jennifer- Nutmeg5) Stewart- Wasabi

6) Tracy- Sage

Individual photos below were taken 10.29.17 when piglets were 17 days old