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Mini Juliana Pigs

Past Litters (sold pigs)

The first litter for both of them – three girls and three boys born June 27, 2018. All piglets are All piglets have been adopted.

Tootsie had 8 piglets on January 22, 2017. 

Lucy had a huge litter of eight on 10/14/17.

Miele had six piglets on 10/12/17. Three male and three female.

Tootsie had a litter of five, born 7/21/17. ​Three males and two females. 

Lucy and Gunther’s litter of five, born 2/10/17.  Two females and three males. 

Litter of three from Miele and Gunther, born 12.30.16.  The two girls, Penelope and Sweet Pea, went to folks on our waiting list and their brother, Dyson, is staying here.   Penelope now lives in Illinois and Sweet Pea went to Pennsylvania.  

Typically we have a long waiting list to get a piglet, but we have one female Juliana piglet available now. This little girl was sold before she was born, we took a deposit for her way back in April of 2015. But due to medical emergency with the family that was supposed to take her is unable to add a pig to their family at this time. So for those of you who wanted a female piglet but didn’t want to wait for months, here is your chance!

​This little girl was born Nov. 4th 2015 so she’s just about 3 months old. She lives in the house and is litter box trained. She’s vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed. Price is $1,000 as a pet sold on spay contract. These photos were taken 2.1.16.

Male piglet born 6.15.13 out of Nupig and Gunther.   Gromet is already neutered.  He lives in the house, is litter box trained, and gets along great with the dogs and cat.    His brother Wallace was already sold and is doing great in his new home.  We are asking $500 for Gromet.  Having lived with us for over a year, we have LOTS of pictures of him!    These top 6 were taken 8.25.14 when he was fresh and clean after a bath.  Weighed 30 lbs at 15 months old.   SOLD

Miele gave birth to FIVE beautiful piglets on March 7, 2015.  Three males and two females.  $1,000 pet price, $1,300 with full breeding rights and registration.  These piglets are all sold. 

Nupig was bred to Gunther and gave birth to one male piglet on March 31, 2014.  His name is Newman.  The price for him is $800 as a pet, which includes his neuter. Newman is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped.   He is ready to go to his new home! As are all our pigs, he is JPAR registered. This little guy absolutely loves belly rubs!   Shipping is available for $300 to anywhere in the US.

Photos above were taken at one month of age.   Photos below are at four months old, 8.3.14.   At five months old, he weighed in at 16 lbs. 

We have two girls born 7.18.14 out of Miele and Gunther.  Their price is $1,000 each as a pet sold on spay contract or $1,300 with breeding rights. They will be ready to go to their new homes at 6-8 wks old.    SOLD  These little girls are moving to Sams Valley Oregon! 

Nupig is our most prized pig in terms of quality genetics. She is purebred Juliana, just 3 generations away from the original Julianas imported from England. She’s from the Wolf’s Den in MI and out of their best producing pigs, Daliah and Boarous. Nupig is on the larger size and just over 40 pounds, but that is because we wanted a bit larger and healthier pig for ease of giving birth. At the shoulder, she is under 14″ tall.  She was born 9.23.09 and has her permanent JPAR registration.  Nupig is a proven sow and has produced multiple litters for us.  She is healthy, friendly and gets along well with the other pigs.  Her piglets typically sell for $1,000-$1,500.    >>Click to view PEDIGREE