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Mini Juliana Pigs

Available Piglets

UPDATE: All piglets from Tootsie’s litter are reserved. Stay tuned for info on the next upcoming litter.Tootsie gave birth to a huge litter of 8 piglets on Jan. 22, 2018. There are four males and four females. Mother and babies are all doing great.They have a wonderful pedigree and are beautifully spotted. They will be… Continue reading Available Piglets


Our boar, Gunther The Juliana Pig is a small colorful pig originating in Europe through selective breeding of various kinds of pigs. The Juliana Pig, also known as the Miniature Painted Pig, is small, spotted, and conformationally sound. It should not exhibit a pronounced pot belly or sway back, should have a long snout, and… Continue reading Info

Lucy's Litter 10.14.17

Date of Birth:  10.14.17 Ready to Go Date:  Six to eight weeks of age, 11.25.17 at the earliest. Number of Piglets: Eight.  Four males and four females Sire: Danny- 15″ tall Dam:  Lucy- 15″ tall.   Availability:  All piglets in this litter are reserved.  Pedigree:  See photo below  Price:   Males- $500.  Females- $1,000.  This is for pets with… Continue reading Lucy's Litter 10.14.17

Tootsie's Litter 7.21.17

**REDUCED PRICE** 12 week old male Juliana piglet available. We call this little guy DeWalt. He is JPAR registered and his parents (Tootsie and Danny) are on site, both about 15 to 16″ tall. DeWalt’s current weight is just under 14 pounds and the photos are also current, taken 10/3/17.  DeWalt is already neutered, litter… Continue reading Tootsie's Litter 7.21.17

Miele's Litter 10.12.14

Date of Birth:  10.12.17 Ready to Go Date:  Six to eight weeks of age, 11.23.17 at the earliest. Number of Piglets: Six.  Three males and three females Sire: Gunther- 14.5″ tall Dam:  Miele- 14″ tall Availability:  All piglets in this litter are reserved.  One male available from Tootsie’s litter​ Pedigree:  See photo below  Price:   Males: $1,000… Continue reading Miele's Litter 10.12.14

Future Breeding Stock

Rosebud was born 2.15.16.  She came to us from TNT Farms out in California and is purebred Juliana from Ahrens lines.  Rosebud is very different in color than the rest of our herd; she is darker with red hue, black spots as well as a white stripe on her face and white on her legs.… Continue reading Future Breeding Stock

Planned Breedings

Pig breeding basics:  A female is called a sow, the male is referred to as a boar.  Sows come into heat once a month, but they do not bleed like a dog. Gestation period (the length of time the sow is pregnant) is 113 days.  That is close to four months!    A sow giving… Continue reading Planned Breedings

Current Litter

Date of Birth:  7/21/17 Ready to Go Date: NOW Number of Piglets: Five.  Three males and two females.  Sire: Danny- 15″ tall Dam:  Tootsie- 15″ tall Availability:  One male available as of 9/7/17 Pedigree:  See photo below  Price:  $1,000 as a pet and limited registration.  $1,500 for breeding with full registration

Our Pigs

We currently have a very tiny breeding program with just a few sows and one boar.  These pigs are a hobby for me. I have a full time job (I own and operate a dog boarding facility) so I do not breed and sell pigs to make a living.  Anytime a person is counting on… Continue reading Our Pigs


 Next litter expected Fall ’16.   Currently accepting deposits!  Waiting list with desired gender for upcoming litters:  1) Alena & Jake- male 2) Cheryl- male 3) Sheree- female4) Brenda- female 5) Nicole- female6) Denise & Scott- first available7) Sarah- female out of Miele 8) Alyssa- female ​9) Steve & Toni- female 10)**We reserve the right to keep a piglet from any… Continue reading Available