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Mini Juliana Pigs


The first litter for both of them – three girls and three boys born June 27, 2018. All piglets are All piglets have been adopted.

Tootsie had 8 piglets on January 22, 2017.

Lucy and Gunther’s litter of five, born 2/10/17.  Two females and three males.

UPDATE: Just three piglets available in this litter. They are ready to go to their forever homes, just in time for the holiday season!
SPECIAL: Since this is a large litter, I am offering half off a second piglet. That’s a $500 savings! A great idea to give your piglet a friend or as a gift to friends or family.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Tootsie gave birth to eight piglets on August 26, 2018: six boys and two girls. She is an experienced mother, but this was her first pairing with Dyson. I am really pleased with the piglets! A great variety of spots and colors. The parents have great pedigrees – registered 100% Juliana pigs.

If interested in reserving a piglet from this litter or a future litter, please contact me for details or see our page on purchasing a piglet.

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