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We currently have a very tiny breeding program with just a few sows and one boar.  These pigs are a hobby for me. I have a full time job (I own and operate a dog boarding facility) so I do not breed and sell pigs to make a living.  Anytime a person is counting on the production and sale of animals to pay the bills, I think the program is no longer in the best interest of the animals.   Whether you purchase a piglet from us or another breed, take into consideration how many pigs the breeder has and the number of litters they have each month.  Just as there are puppy mills, there are also ‘piglet mills’ where the goal is mass production of piglets as a main source of income.   Another suggestion when searching for a reputable breeder is to look for a full five generation pedigree on the breeding stock.  Use the Online Pedigree Database on the JPAR website to look for the parents of a piglet you are considering purchasing.  You will be surprised at how many breeders advertising ‘100% purebred Juliana Pigs for sale’ have mystery pedigrees (unknown x unknown) or pot belly mixes a generation or two back.