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Purchasing a Pigs

Selecting a breeder: We cannot overstate how important this decision is! We currently have a very small breeding program with just a few sows and one boar. All are purebred Juliana pigs – no “teacup”, “micro” or other labels which usually indicates mixed breeds. These pigs are a hobby and passion for me, and each breeder was carefully chosen for conformation and temperament. The breeding program was recently moved to Freebird Farm in Magnolia, Texas (just north of Houston). Our goal is to continue Kristin’s legacy of providing high quality Juliana pigs that are raised in an ethical and healthy manner.

I have a full time job so I do not breed and sell pigs to make a living. Anytime a person is counting on the production and sale of animals to pay the bills, I think the program is no longer in the best interest of the animals. Whether you purchase a piglet from us or another breeder, take into consideration how many pigs the breeder has and the number of litters they have each month.  Just as there are puppy mills, there are also ‘piglet mills’ where the goal is mass production of piglets as a main source of income. Another suggestion when searching for a reputable breeder is to look for a full five generation pedigree on the breeding stock. Use the Online Pedigree Database on the JPAR website to look for the parents of a piglet you are considering purchasing. You will be surprised at how many breeders advertising ‘100% purebred Juliana Pigs for sale’ have mystery pedigrees (unknown x unknown) or pot belly mixes a generation or two back.

 Your new piglet! Thank you for your interest in getting a piglet from us.  We only have purebred Juliana pigs, JPAR registered. They are born here and raised with their mother for at least 5-7 weeks to ensure that they are behaviorally and physically healthy. The piglets are used to living in the house, litter box trained, and socialized with people, dogs, and other farm animals. We post lots of photos and videos of the babies!  Folks on our waiting list may choose their pig from pictures or visit once the piglets are a couple of weeks old to pick out their new family member, meet our adult pigs, socialize with the babies and ask any questions. Piglets can go to their new homes after they are weaned and have been eating solid food for at least a week, no earlier than 6 weeks of age.

Pricing: Pet price is $1,000. This means limited registration, no breeding rights, and spay/neuter contract. Buyer is responsible for getting the piglet spayed or neutered once they’re old enough.  I know some breeder spay/neuter at a very young age, but I personally will not put a 6 week old piglet through surgery. Four to six months of age is when I would suggest.   If you’ve done your research, you know that intact (not spayed/neutered) pigs do not make good house pets.

The price for full JPAR registration and breeding rights is $1,500. This means buyer may use the pig for breeding at some point down the road. Our suggestion/rule of thumb for breeding a Juliana sow is waiting until she is two years old or twenty pounds. With the boars it’s not as big of a deal, but anyone who’s been around pigs much can tell you they are fully capable of getting a sow pregnant at a VERY young age.

We sell piglets across the country and most are shipped within the continental US (fees are about $300). If you would like to pick up your piglet – that is fine, too. Keep in mind that the program has moved to Magnolia, Texas!

Deciding if a pet pig is right for you: Due to high demand, most of our piglets are sold before they are born. If you’re interested in getting a pig from us, the first step is to review the information on our website.  Most of your questions will be answered here!  We are happy to answer any specific questions that are not addressed on our website.  Do your research, check your zoning, make sure it’s legal to have a pig where you live. Remember, despite their small size, they are still considered livestock and this affects where you can keep them.

Ready to put down a deposit?  Please call or send an email, tell us about yourself, your experience with pigs and other pets, etc.  We want to talk to each potential buyer to make sure it’s going to be a good fit for one of our babies.  We’re looking for long term, committed owners that are going to provide the best care. This is why you will not find a Paypal button on our website where just anyone can send money for a piglet.  These are living creatures, not a toy purchased off Amazon, or an object to be given as a gift.

The deposit is $250 and is nonrefundable and goes towards the purchase price. Money can be sent via check or money order. The remaining balance is due upon pickup or before shipping. Piglet pick is based on the order in which deposit is received.  Here’s how the waiting list works….  When a litter is born, the person first on the waiting list has the option of choosing a piglet from that litter or waiting for the next litter.  Once the first person has made a decision, we’ll then offer piglet pick to the second person on the waiting list and so on and so forth.  Some people want a certain gender or a piglet from a specific sow, whereas others just want first available.

Shipping is available within the continental US for an additional cost of approximately $300. Our piglets sell quickly, so get your name on our waiting list right away!